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Cooking Courses in Piedmont

Our cookery courses take place in a very relaxing location in the hills of Piedmont, where we live and offer to the people from all over the world a real full immersion in the Italian life and gastronomy.cooking class in piedmont

Nowadays life is too complicated and stressful..we simply offer a different way to conceive life and traditions. Our cookery courses aim to make people understand that there is always a part of us we do not know.

Eat  your own home made fresh pasta, learn how to do it without the help of any machinery..or learn to create delicious desserts and enjoy!! Far away from the cities and the chaos we can learn and experience the Italian Way.

Just walk..learn Italian..taste some wine....what else! During  our Italian immersion or cooking courses you will learn how start the life of these great wines..Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco or Prosecco.

You will enjoy learning Italian while tasting a good wine and eating an excellent cheese.

The Region has four distinct seasons but in general possesses a Mediterranean feel strongly influenced by the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea. Winters are short and cold (the snow and mountains providing spectacular scenery for the region's ski resorts). Spring and autumn are long and warm while the summer is hot and dry.